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Tour de Manc Disability Day

Cycle Engage UK are proud to have supported the Tour de Manc Disability Ride on Saturday 3rd of June.

We joined Tour de Manc at Tameside cycle circuit to support and promote cycling to people with disabilities. We helped riders chose suitable bikes and encouraged riders as they cycled around the circuit by riding next to or even with them. It was great fun to take part in: everyone was so happy to be outside and there was a bike suitable for everyone – the event was so inclusive, no matter the disability or special need.

For the girls of Cycle Engage UK it was a very fulfilling experience to help people overcome physical and mental barriers to enjoy riding a bike, just the same as we love cycling!

Here’s Lucy taking ‘Macchiato’ for a spin;

We joined Tour de Manc to promote cycling for people of all walks of life and abilities. We spent the day helping choose bikes, cycling round together, and encouraging new cyclists.

Posted by Cycle Engage UK on Saturday, June 3, 2017