Essex Giro

Saturday the 22nd of April saw the elite British peloton tackling Round Two of the National Women’s Road Race Series: Essex Giro.

Hosted by Cycling Club Hackney, the race took place over 12 laps of a 5 mile circuit near Haverhill in Suffolk.


Racing began at 2.30 pm with a strong field of 60 riders registered to start, including Grace Garner of Wiggle High5 – a professional women’s team currently ranked second in the world.

But Tour of the Wolds winner Lizzy Banks of Sunsport Velo RT was also be ready to protect her series lead.

How to follow the race

We shared updates on our own social media channels before and after the race, but whilst we were busy pedalling the British Cycling live blog shared updates on the race.

Our squad


Susan Freeburn and Alice Staniford represented Team RGB Building Supplies this weekend at the Essex Giro

Race manual

Download the race manual

Race report

The course turned out to be hillier than it appeared in the course profile so we got ready for some big efforts on each climb (two every lap) and since we were going to be racing 12 laps of the course we soon knew these climbs and corners very well!

After an official start, with Grace Garner and Lizzy Banks called to the front as last year’s winner and the series leader respectively, we were set off by MP Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture and the race was underway.

The pace was high from the start with Chanel Mason of Storey Sport making multiple attacks.

Sadly for Team RGB Building Supplies, glory wasn’t tp be had today. Suze had a mechanical quite early in the race and Alice was held up behind a crash towards the end of the race meaning we were out of the main bunch and unable to contest for places.

Gracey went on to take the win from a successful breakaway in the final laps of the race, with Ford Ecoboost’s Charmaine Porter holding on for second and Chanel Mason rounding out the podium spots.

Start list

1 Elizabeth Banks SunSport Velo 2nd
2 Elizabeth Burrows SunSport Velo 3rd
3 Hannah Larbalestier SunSport Velo 2nd
4 Gabriella Nordin SunSport Velo 2nd
5 Victoria Strila SunSport Velo 2nd
6 Charlotte Colclough Bianchi Dama UK 2nd
7 Sarah King Bianchi Dama UK 2nd
8 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK 2nd
9 Alexandra Sheehan Bianchi Dama UK 2nd
10 Sian Botteley Cycle Team OnForm 1st
11 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
12 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm 1st
13 Charlotte Redden Cycle Team OnForm 1st
14 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm 1st
15 Hetty Niblett EDCO Continental 2nd
16 Lucy Monk Exeter Wheelers 3rd
17 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
18 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
19 Fiona Hunter- Johnston Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
20 Rosie Lethbridge Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
21 Maryka Sennema Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
22 Tina Hartwright Fusion RT Fierlan 2nd
23 Rebecca Richardson Hafren CC 2nd
24 Victoria Lovett I-Team Cyclists Club 2nd
25 Tracy Corbett Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT 2nd
26 Sophie Curle Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT 2nd
27 Helen McKay Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT 2nd
28 Nicole Oh Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT 2nd
29 Hannah Graveney LIV AWOL 3rd
30 Connie Hayes LIV AWOL 3rd
31 Gemma Melton Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 2nd
32 Rosamund Bradbury Sigma Sport.co.uk 3rd
33 Rachel Crighton Team 22 2nd
34 Rosa Martin Team 22 2nd
35 Phoebe Martin Team 22 2nd
36 Lorna Bowler Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 2nd
37 Niamh Jones Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 3rd
38 Ellie Russell Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 2nd
39 Karla Boddy Team Corley Cycles 2nd
40 Bethany Hayward Team Ford Ecoboost 2nd
41 Corrine Clark Team Ford Ecoboost
42 Kelly Murphy Team Ford Ecoboost 2nd
43 Charmaine Porter Team Ford Ecoboost 2nd
44 Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost 1st
45 Jo Tindley Team Ford Ecoboost 2nd
46 Sarah Burke Team Jadan-Weldtite 2nd
47 Susan Freeburn Team RGB Building Supplies 2nd
48 Alice Staniford Team RGB Building Supplies 2nd
49 Sophie Household Team Vertex-Biemme 2nd
50 Bethany Taylor Team Vertex-Biemme 2nd
51 Lydia Boylan Team WNT Elite
52 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT 1st
53 Emily Kay Team WNT Elite
54 Rebecca Rimmington Team WNT 1st
55 Hannah Walker Team WNT 2nd
56 Rebecca Goodson Velo Schils – Interbike RT 3rd
57 Nicola Soden Velo Schils – Interbike RT 2nd
58 Delia Beddis ViCiOUS VELO 2nd
59 Grace Garner Wiggle High5 Elite
60 Amy Roberts Wiggle High5 1st


Lucy Horrocks Team Vertex-Biemme 3rd

EJay Harris Storey Racing 1st

Jen George Storey Racing 1st

Chanel Mason Storey Racing 1st

Laura Cameron Storey Racing 1st

Chloe Fraser The Racing Chance Foundation 3rd

Jayne Paine Willesden CC

Laura Massey Drops Cycling 1st

Route profile

The profile of each lap was rolling to flat so we expected the race to stay together as a big bunch for the majority of the race. It would take a well organised team or a very clever attack to get away on a course like this, unless the pace is kept high throughout.


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