Cycling, Training

Something’s happening


It’s taken a long time but everything is starting to come together. We have been riding more regularly, and I have even ventured out on a couple of chaingangs.

My weekly riding is increasing gradually, not just in volume but also quality.

My power output over most time intervals has increased and although I don’t exactly know watt all this means, I can only assume it’s a good thing…!

Particularly pleasing (although entirely irrelevant in terms of competitive performance) was this Strava section I managed to smash.
10 segment
I will admit to having had a good lead out from Tom into the bottom of this climb, but since Strava doesn’t differentiate between group and solo efforts I feel I can take some credit on this as most (of the men’s) times will have been set during a club run/chain gang.

This weekend I will do my first road race of the season (I know it’s late…). There is currently a field of 17 ladies entered and we have equal prize money with both the 3/4 men’s race and the Elite/1/2 race. I hope the sun keeps shining!


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