Cyclocross, MTB, Mud, Training, XC

Haldon Forest


Hello Devon! Tom and I have been getting to know another side of our county – until now unexplored (by us at least!)

Haldon Forest is an outdoor mecca for mid-southern Devon. Featuring Go Ape, archery and walking routes Haldon also offers mountain bikers a great range of graded trails to explore.


Tom has his shiny new Superfly and I have my cross bike. Together we have been discovering new views and experiences across the high forested slopes of Haldon.

We started out getting a feel for our bikes and the terrain before gradually increasing the difficulty. We have visited Haldon most weekends over the last few weeks and would probably agree it is one of our favourite places.

Tom has never really ridden off-road, and I have only done as much as a cyclocross race involves so we have been developing new handling and technique skills.

It’s definitely good to get some variety in your cycling routine, and this is a very picturesque way to do it.


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