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#15 London X League

Round 15 | Wilmington | 2nd February 2014

  • Weather: sunny
  • Course: Thick mud. Off camber
  • Highlight: surviving
Photo by John Mullineaux

Although I came into this race full of optimism and the night before I had a dream, and the day before was the Worlds it just wasn’t enough. Before the end of the first lap I wanted the race to end. It was so tragic even my Garmin gave up and died.

Photo by John Mullineaux

It was like battle. Proper old fashioned trench warfare. I just wanted to be in bed.

The mud was so thick and claggy that I had to carry a trusty twig in my back pocket that earned its place at least three times a lap. My wheels became so clogged they wouldn’t turn. Perhaps having disc brakes would have helped. Someone pitting certainly would have. A second bike even more. But we can’t all be pro.

Photo by John Mullineaux

But let’s focus on the positives. It was sunny. I wore my sunglasses for the first time in a century. It wasn’t cold. I had new shoes. And the shoes have teeth on them, like an evil rabbit, for chewing the ground. I have named them The Mudbiters.


It was a good job I had The Mudbiters as I ended up doing a lot of running. And so did everyone else.

Photos by John Mullineaux

Some people pulled out and finished early but thankfully the bell lap eventually arrived. I was thirsty. My bike was completely clogged. Time for cake and home.

Pos Name Team Time Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4
1 Holly McMahon Team Darenth 56:28:00 13:18 13:40 14:11 15:17
2 Hannah Ormesher North Road CC 01:01:07 14:27 15:16 14:45 16:37
3 Alice Miller Look Mum No Hands! 01:05:37 14:15 16:13 17:15 17:52
4 Anett Deli Cyclelabs 29:07:00 13:52 15:14

Video by John Mullineaux
More photos here
Full results here

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