Running, Training


I have entered a half marathon in February. So I have been doing a bit of running.

Work is five miles from my home so running in and out makes good base training. I have tried doing intervals, but until I am well past Waterloo the pavement is often a little too crowded (particularly in the evenings)

The event I am training for is the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series -South Devon (Half Marathon).  Here are the details;

Average Time M 02:10:36
Average Time F 02:27:12
Fastest Time M 01:34:08
Ceri Rees (12)
Fastest Time F 01:46:39
Anna Bartlett (12)
Slowest Time 03:30:06
Distance 13.6 Miles
GPX Data
Ascent 1,996 ft


I successfully ran my first 10 miles by the end of the first week of training ( I have good aerobic fitness from cycling) and I am confident I can deal with the distance. However, I have been concerned that the hills of Devon will be my undoing as my muscles are not acclimatised to this sport.

To test this point I gave myself a 7 mile road circuit on New Years day. The weather was atrocious – cold, windy, rainy and dark. The roads were empty but there were some very steep sections and it was either up or down – no flat.

To add to the terrain challenges I was also almost forced to turn around by a farm dog who felt he owned not only the farm yard but also the adjoining roadway – I had to slink past, right by the hedge.

Luckily I came into this run fresh as although the distance was shorter the climbing was much higher! My body complained the next day.


Pretty unadvisedly I then decided to do my local Park Run on Saturday. I was still tired from my epic on Wednesday and very soon my calves were arguing.

I shall need to become very comfortable with half marathon distances and start getting more accustomed to hill running otherwise my event in February won’t be much fun!

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