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#11 London X League

Round 11 | Frylands | 15th December 2013

  • Weather: mizzle
  • Course: woody, rooty, muddy. One tree barrier. A deep gully. Reasonably long, steep ascent and descent.
  • Highlight: a pressure washer

This round was held in the woods of Frylands Scout Centre in Croydon. The course featured leaves, deep mud and roots. I don’t like roots. They’re very slidey if you hit them at the wrong angle.

Perhaps by the last race of this series I will manage to get there on time for a full sighting lap…I got off to an amazing start but once I discovered the roots and a deep gully I quickly dropped back through the field as I took the obstacles more cautiously.

At periods it was rainy and quite dark.


From looking at the start list I knew there were only a few girls in this race so once I was far down the field after my less-than-good start and no longer in a competitive position I just focused the race on not letting any women past me, as I knew only Sophia was ahead of me.



Pos Last First Team Time Gap Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5
1 Joy Sophia PMR Toachinhouse 49:35:00 08:52 09:33 10:17 10:21 10:30
2 Miller Alice Look Mum No Hands 53:19:00 3’44” 10:49 10:39 10:41 10:29 10:39
3 Slee Kate Dulwich Paragon 51:04:00 1 lap 10:46 15:43 12:27 12:06
4 Van Velzen Marjo Kings North Wheelers 52:37:00 1 lap 12:19 13:15 13:31 13:30

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