LWCR #7: Crystal Palace


A short lived race this evening after getting a puncture half-way through. I took it as an excuse to finish early and go down to King’s College to visit Tom.

Photo by Huw Williams

There was a handicap start with the E12s going off first, followed by the 3/4s. This meant the E12s had to make up around half a lap before they were back at the front of our race.

Photo by Huw Williams
Photo by John Mullineaux
Photo by John Mullineaux
It was on this corner that I got a puncture about half-way through the race.

Here is the top ten;

1 58 Lydia Boylan Unattached E
2 44 Helen Ralston Les Filles RT 2
3 43 Alexie Shaw Les Filles RT 2
4 33 Siobhan McNamara DID 2
5 41 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 2
6 97 Cassie McGoldrick Wyndy Milla 2
7 40 Michelle Sellars Goscomb-BSR 3
8 46 Nicole Oh Les Filles RT 2
9 37 Clare Gillott Elitecycling 3
10 47 Nikki Engelbach Les Filles RT 3

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