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Beyond Spring 2

What better way to earn your Easter Egg than go out in the bitterly cold and race around a circuit somewhere in West London? Tom and I couldn’t think of anything to top this plan, so we hopped in the car and went to Hillingdon.

Neither of us had raced at Hillingdon before so we weren’t sure what to expect. We found that the course is pretty simple and the facilities excellent (along with a really good offering of cakes put on in the café!)

Photo: UK Cycle Sport

The weather was cold but neither too windy or wet. My race (Women’s E1234 went off at 2.15pm, staggered with the Men’s 4th cat. The first four or so laps went reasonably well for me, but then, after choosing the wrong wheel to follow, found myself off the back of the bunch and in a small chasing group.

Photo: UK Cycle Sport

A friendly rider from High Wycombe had also suffered the same fate as me and we spent the remainder of the race working together. We must have maintained a good pace as the main bunch didn’t get round to us until the very penultimate lap. At this point we jumped on the back of the bunch and we all finished together in the sprint (trying not to get in the way of those actually contesting for positions).

Photo: UK Cycle Sport

Although I fell off the back of the bunch pretty promptly I felt this race went really well for me and I am reassured I am going the right way. I can see my main weakness, apart from lacking fitness, is my confidence within the bunch and riding closer to the wheel in front. I mostly ride alone, or behind Tom who I trust, so this is a weakness I will have to work on.

Video: <a href=””>UK Cycle Sport</a>


We’ll be back at Hillingdon next week for Round 3 and Tom will be riding in the National Para Crit Series.

Name Club name

Rider status


1 Miss   Clemence Copie High   Wycombe Cycling Club Finished 15
2 Miss Karla   Boddy MG-Maxifuel   Pro Cycling Finished 12
3 Miss   Abigail Dentus Team De ver Finished 10
4 Miss Anna   Marie Hughes Prestige   Velo Club Finished 8
5 Miss Lucy   Harper Welwyn Whls   CC Finished 6
6 Miss Aimee   Wright High   Wycombe Cycling Club Finished 5
7 Miss   Katherine Sloan Les Filles   Racing Team Finished 4
8 Miss Juliet   Milward High   Wycombe Cycling Club Finished 3
9 Miss Donna   Quinnell Rollapaluza   CC Finished 2
10 Miss   Jessica Stoddart Finished 1
11 Miss Emily   Mellor VO2   Development Team Finished 0
12 Miss   Jasmijn Muller Kingston   Whls CC Finished 0
13 Miss Nicole   Oh Les Filles   Racing Team Finished 0
14 Mrs Jane   Hunt High   Wycombe Cycling Club Finished 0
15 Ms Michelle   Arthurs Redhill CC Finished 0
16 Dr Jennifer   Smart VC Norwich Finished 0
17 Miss Laura   Morgan Dynamic   Bicycles UK/RPC Finished 0
18 Miss Alice   Miller Look Mum No   Hands Finished 0
19 Miss Rose   Osborne High   Wycombe Cycling Club Finished 0
20 Miss Isabel   Hastie Pearson   Cycling Club Finished 0
21 Miss Sarah   White Finished 0

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