My first time trial of the year was BUCS 10 TT in Cambidgeshire on the 21st of April.

Although we had driven the course beforehand and it had looked smooth and fast, it was actually quite slow due to a rise for a motorway flyover and long straits into the wind. (<— I’m going to leave that spelling)

Looking tired.
I hope this was taken after I finished, otherwise I was resting halfway round! *shock*

The large majority of people were on TT bikes which put those of us without aero kit at a bit of a disadvantage, but I felt like I was going pretty fast anyway! The roads were so smooth, it was lovely.

The course was an out-and-back, with the turn on a nice open roundabout at almost exactly half way which was well  marshaled so my ride went very smoothly.

Practicing pacing myself over a few ’10’s prior to the ‘big’ day would of course have been beneficial and no doubt aero kit would have helped me place higher. I am pretty certain with more experience I could go quite a bit faster as I don’t feel I went as hard as I could have, but it’s hard to know how to pace it and don’t want to blow too early.

Generally I enjoyed it, which I’m going to take as a sign I wasn’t working hard enough!

Planning to hit a Rudy Project TT later in the year and maybe Blenheim if there is space for a wannabe…

BUCS Team Results University Riders Time
Gold Cambridge A Simmonds, Railton 0:48:33
Silver Birmingham Horne, Nyman 0:48:56
Bronze Oxford Galloway, Noll 0:52:24
Durham Broadbent, Page 0:56:44
Sheffield Sandelind, Miller 0:58:26
Clara had also made the journey to Cambridgeshire to represent Sheffield. It was her first ever TT! Together we came fifth in the team standings which apparently means we earnt the University 5 BUCS points…
Our covered warm-up spot 🙂
 1 Ciara Horne University of Birmingham 0:23:59
2 Hayley Simmonds University of Cambridge 0:24:34
3 Claire Galloway Oxford University 0:24:57
4 Corrine Hall St Marys University College 0:25:29
5 Anna Railton University of Cambridge 0:26:07
6 Sarah King University of Warwick 0:26:26
7 Lucy Gossage University of Cambridge 0:26:38
8 Victoria Ware University of Edinburgh 0:26:46
9 Lara Nyman University of Birmingham 0:26:52
10 Sonja Noll Oxford University 0:27:24
11 Katharine Broadbent Durham University 0:27:27
12 Holly Page Durham University 0:27:51
13 Elizabeth Waterhouse University of Manchester 0:27:51
14 Gail Brown Durham University 0:29:01
15 Rebecca Carter Bangor University 0:29:07
16 Christina Wiejak Loughborough University 0:29:09
17 Clara Sandelind University of Sheffield 0:29:17
18 Lucinda Wahlers Newcastle University 0:29:22
19 Alice Miller University of Sheffield 0:29:36
20 Laura McCormack University of Birmingham 0:29:42
21 Lydia Dant Loughborough University 0:29:49
22 Kiterie Faller Oxford University 0:29:51
23 Natasha Cutmore University of Birmingham 0:29:53
24 Rachel Stedman University of Birmingham 0:30:24
25 Lucy Nell University of Leeds 0:30:32
26 Helen Roby Leeds Metropolitan 0:30:33
27 Alice Mitchell Imperial College 0:31:58
28 Mara Johnson Leeds Metropolitan 0:32:19
29 Emily Deason Loughborough University 0:32:40
30 Chantel Clark Abertay University 0:33:09
31 Lorna MacDonald Leeds Metropolitan 0:33:43
32 Anna Kiesenhofer University of Cambridge 0:34:25
There were 56 girls on the start list, but I think the rain must have put some of them off…
It was torrential at times

Last year I did two 9.4 mile ’10’s but because they’re a bit shorter than a full 10 I am too lazy to calculate whether I went faster or not today. Of course the weather and the course make it all different anyway…

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