CycleFit, London

The Pigeon Racer Returns

Towards the end of February I took a short trip down south to Exeter to stay with Tom and his parents. We visited some of Tom’s favourite coffee haunts in Exeter and Crediton and also dropped in to the university’s high performance sports’ “Bat Cave” to catch up with Tom’s good friend and S+C coach Beef. We also has a visit to one of Tom’s National Championship jerseys which has been beautifully framed and hung up on the wall of fame.


Then Tom and I drove up to London and had a lovely meal with Charlie and Sam (of Look Mum fame).

The next day we arrived at the Marriot by Canary Wharf for a Jaguar workshop where we got to learn with stars such as Jamie Baulch and also watched some diving pre-lims at the 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre

18th FINA Visa Diving world cup

To celebrate our two year anniversary Tom and I had a lovely meal in a restaurant called La Figa on Narrow Street in Limehouse. It was very posh and lovely!


Then, on the journey back up north I very cleverly timed my trains just right so that my mum could meet me at Wellingborough Station and throw my bike at me. Yes, that’s right. the pigeon racer lives again! (And yes, I have lovely parents.)


Of course I was very excited to have my bike back, so despite having got up at five o’clock, spent the early morning in Covent Garden watching the sun rise, travelling on three trains (and collecting my bike), and eventually arriving into Sheffield in the early afternoon, I decided that the best plan of action would be to bin afternoon lectures and go for a smash-fest in the Peak. Which is what I did. And it was great. Despite the wind.

The following day I went for an easier ride with the university club over to Hathersage. Unfortunately it was again quite windy that day and one of the girls got quite upset by the unpredictable gusts that were threatening to blow us over. After a chilly pause whilst confidence was re-found we were all rather cold so we went straight to Hathersage Swimming Pool Cafe were we met up with the Rutland CC chaingang and had hot drinks and cakes to recover!

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