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Café ride to Bakewell

Odd as it may seem, I’ve only done a couple of ‘café rides’ before so I was really excited for this one 🙂

Due to finishing work at 9.30 on Saturdays it’s a bit tight to make 10 o’clock training so I normally ride on my own later in the day. Today however, I rushed. ;
Despite my special effort it began to RAIN.
But it was okay: girls are hardy creatures. We all turned up for our ride (the same cannot be said for the boys 10 o’clock training session – poor show).
Hiding in the bike shelter
Clara led us out towards Ladybower on small country roads that run parallel to the A57. I had not been this way before and it allowed us to avoid prolongued stretches on Manchester Road (which is rather monotonous and also carries a lot of reasonably high speed traffic – the road becomes Snake’s Pass further along and is the major link route between Sheffield and Manchester). ;
After an hour or so we made it into Hope Valley and made quick progress towards our halfway(-ish) point.
Arriving in Bakewell we made our way to ;Wyes Waters Tea Rooms ;where we gradually got the feeling back into our numb fingers and toes. We all ordered delicious homemade meals and Clara and Nicky also ordered tea. And when it arrived it was PROPER tea. A little time had to be spent thinking about what we were supposed to do with the strainer and extra jug of hot water. (Maybe we’re just uncultured….)
Straining the tea

After consuming our wholesome food we moved on to the Bakewell Pudding Parlour for the requisite Bakewell pudding. We were amused to find that the Parlour offers a postapudding service where you can post a pudding (or tart) to anywhere in the world!

Enjoying Bakewell pudding by the river
As we re-entered Sheffield we saw a proper steam engine coming down the line so we tried to race it along Abbeydale road. It beat us. *sad face*
  • I like café ;rides 😀 Long and gentle miles, just what I need right now. ;
  • Riding with the girls was a nice change from constantly chasing the boys 🙂
  • The route was great too – it’s possible to ride a lot of flat even in the Peak District!

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