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First Race

It didn’t take much persuasion for me to enter my first race and I was even more keen when I was offered the opportunity to ride in a Look Mum No Hands! jersey. The race was one of the regular Thursday night crits held at Redbridge Cycle Centre (more commonly referred to as Hog Hill). The course is a 1.2 mile circuit including some sharp corners and a steep climb/descent. Luckily Sam and Charlotte took me round the course a couple of times before the race began so I was able to have a practise at the corners and test out gears for the hill. This practising paid off as I was able to stay with the Elites for several laps before my lack of fitness let me down and I was dropped; left to ride the rest of the race on my own as the big girls continued to battle it out at the front. Despite not being at the business end of things, continuing to ride the course gave me the opportunity to practise cornering, riding in the drops (something I feel insecure about) and just experiencing being in a race with the Elite mens race, 3/4s mens and the top ladies whizzing past me as they continued their own respective races.

Despite finishing second to last I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am very excited to race some more! Unfortunately for me the racing season is drawing to a close and there aren’t many opportunites left. However I am completely certain that I want to race again, so I will just work on recovering my knees and getting my fitness and strength back up so that I can start to work on tactics and skill until I get the opportunity to race again.

ELV Hog Hill Summer Series – July 7


1 125 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands 1W 56min 15 sec

2 121 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC 2W 16 laps

3 123 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon CC 2W

4 126 Dyanne Holland Inverse RT/ 3W

5 124 Alice Miller Look Mum No Hands 4w

6 122 Sarah Stewart Grenwich 4w

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